Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed?

Can Erectile Dysfunction be reversed?

Erectile Dysfunction can happen with anyone, and there’s nothing rare with it. There are mixed opinions about its occurrence, however, with proper lifestyle, and medication, it can be reversed. Natural remedies or diet can be a help in that matter. This can occur when males are unable to attain an erection or sustain it. In addition to that, some cases can be quite severe than others. So, in that case, the best is to consult an expert and seek help. Also, the cure can depend on the cause of the condition and its severity.

Can it be Reversed?

Simply put, Erectile Dysfunction can be reversed with proper lifestyle choices and diet. However, you will have to go through proper medication and treatment. It will help you to eradicate or lessen the symptoms.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be reversed?

As of now, there are two kinds of ED that have been identified. These are:

  • Primary ED:

This is when a male has never had an erection or sustained it for a long time. It’s equally important to mention that this form is very rare.

  • Secondary ED:

This is the common type. In this, there is a previous record of erection and is easily curable. In addition to that, Primary Dysfunction is curable by medical treatment, and other remedies. However, it may require aggressive treatment.

Short-term treatments

In secondary conditions, it may be curable by short-term treatments, however, it’s to be kept in mind that it may not resolve the cause of the dysfunction of the Primary Dysfunction.

Psychological treatments

There can be various factors that can lead to the condition, and one of them is anxiety. It can affect your sexual health. So, in this regard, psychological treatments can help a lot. They will reduce stress and anxiety levels.


A lifestyle change can also bring a transformation in sexual health. In this regard, it may be best to consult the doctors. Relaxation exercises, increased blood flow, losing weight, and a change in the diet can be a help. In addition to that, specific pelvic exercise can improve your urination and ejaculation. The floor exercises are not to be missed.


Since sexual health is one of the important factors in a relationship. So, you will need to consult a therapist to help you with the issue, and offer consultation. This will help you maintain your anxiety and stress levels.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be reversed?


Certain modern medications and herbal remedies can help increase the blood flow to the penis. Cialis and Viagra, are one such example. Besides that, a change in the existing medication with the consultation will also help you.


Mechanical devices such as the penis pump will direct the blood flow in the necessary veins for erection. In addition to that, if all the methods prove to be ineffective, you can also go for the surgery.


Erectile Dysfunction can affect your sexual as well as emotional health. However, there’s nothing to worry about as the condition can be reversed with proper diet and planning.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed?

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